Valle de Bravo’s mild climate is perfect for enjoying a variety of outdoor activities throughout most of the year. One of the area’s main attractions, the lake offers opportunities to practice everything from skiing, sailing and wind surfing and stand-up paddleboard yoga.

Golf is another sought-after pastime in Valle de Bravo, which currently has three professional eighteen-hole golf courses.

The area between mountains and pine forest offers the ideal setting for trekking, mountain biking, downhill racing and motorcycling. Perfect for rock climbing, La Peña is a huge boulder with an excellent lake view from its summit. Meanwhile, Monte Alto, an eco reserve, is great for walking, running or mountain biking on a scenic route meandering between lush forests and covering approximately twenty kilometers (12.4 miles). Trips to the waterfalls at the Bridal Veil and Molino River are also highly recommended.

With its ideal atmospheric conditions, Valle de Bravo has also become a North American hub for paragliders, with hundreds of pilots from all over the world coming to practice. Additionally, Valle de Bravo is the international headquarters of the annual World Paragliding and Hang-Gliding series.

Between the months of November and March, visitors can experience one of Valle de Bravo’s most popular and memorable activities, the annual monarch butterfly migration, an event that takes place at the nearby Piedra Herrada sanctuary.

InTown Rodavento
InTown Rodavento 

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