With its terracotta color palette and colonial architecture, including adobe and wood houses with red tile roofs perfectly aligned in narrow cobbled alleys, the village of Valle de Bravo is a lovely sight to behold.

Among the shops lining those steep alleyways, visitors can find a wide range of offerings, ranging from market handicrafts and artisan textiles to traditional Mazahua jewelry. In addition to the Joaquín Arcadio Pagaza Museum, there are contemporary art galleries, cafés, coffee shops, and stores selling modern clothing, jewelry and accessories from well-known designers.

Valle de Bravo is also recognized for its pottery center, which features unique high-heat ceramics and design objects.

Diners will enjoy both the traditional Mexican dishes found in the town’s restaurants, as well as the inventive international fare found in establishments using locally sourced ingredients.

One of the most popular activities in Valle de Bravo is strolling along Avenida Joaquín Arcadio Pagana until reaching the town square and cathedral. There, yarn and leather bracelets, jewelry and crafts made by young artists can be purchased. Along this route, on a pedestrian street known as "Hunger Alley," visitors can sample local artisanal ice cream, natural horchata water, corn on the cob and excellent tacos.

Valle de Bravo is home to one of the most important arts and culture festivals in Mexico, the Festival of Souls. Having grown in size and prominence every year, this renowned celebration takes place around the Day of the Dead and features folkloric dances, theatrical performances, photography exhibitions, short films, and national and international music bands.

For meditation lovers or practitioners of Buddhism, Valle de Bravo is home to the Stupa for World Peace, the largest built in the West, with a height of 36 meters (118 feet).

InTown Rodavento
InTown Rodavento 

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