Rodavento InTown


Cinco Rodavento

Our Chef Ale Ortega has crafted a creative take on the authentic cantina.

Healthy vegetarian, vegan, pecetarian and gluten free options available.

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it's already an essential part of the Valle de Bravo culinary scene.
Calle 5 de mayo 111, Valle de Bravo, México
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Monday-Saturday 8-12

Sunday 8-13

Lunch and dinner

Fri-Sat 12-24

Sun-Thrursday 12-23


Cinco Rodavento

Head to the Rooftop of CINCO Rodavento for amazing mixology, lively conversation and the best views of Valle de Bravo. Occasional Live Dj Music 
Pool hours: 9-17


Open for outside visitors

Fri-Sat: 17-24

Sun-Thursday: 17-23



Cinco Rodavento with its excellent location and unique concept, is the perfect venue for all social, business and private events.

5 RODAVENTO: Capacity 60 people •   RÜF: Capacity 70 people •   CONFERENCES SALON: Capacity 60 people


Eventos en Valle de Bravo Cinco Rodavento
Rodavento InTown
Rodavento InTown 

T. 01-(726) 688-5076  •     Calle 5 de Mayo 111, Santa María Ahuacatlan,   51200, Valle de Bravo, Mexico