Arriving in Valle de Bravo, travelers will find themselves in awe of the town’s mountains, lake and forests, including the region’s pine, oak and Oyamel fir trees, which cover the land from atop the highest mountains to the water’s shores.

Valle de Bravo’s climate is temperate, with an average temperature of around 17 degrees Celsius (63 Farenheit). The rainy season occurs during the summer, generally beginning in June and lasting until September. The hottest months occur from May to August.

A typical afternoon in Valle de Bravo might include simply relaxing in nature and taking in the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Guests and birdwatchers can observe flocks of tiles, beautiful bluish-colored birds that frequent the area, from Hotel Rodavento’s terraces until sunset. Binoculars will allow visitors to see hummingbirds, thrushes, quails and hawks amongst the species that migrate to the area. Small mammals such as rabbits, squirrels, moles, weasels, skunks, foxes, hares, ferrets, bat, and badgers can be found in the forest.

InTown Rodavento
InTown Rodavento


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