• Located 156 km from mexico city.
  • Named after its foundation in 1530 by Saint Francisco del Valle & Nicolás Bravo. Before this, Valle was occupied by Mazahua and Matlaltzinca cultures.
  • Designated "Pueblo Mágico" (Magical Town a goverment initiative to showcase mexican prettiest and unique towns).
  • Valle de Bravo Lake, named Avandaro Lake is actually an artificial dam constructed in 1947 and it is part of the Hydrologic System that feeds most water supply to Mexico city  and Toluca: Cutzamala Hydrologic system. 
  • Favorite destination of sports and outdoor adventure lovers.
  • In "Valle" as everybody calls it, almost every sport can be practiced: water ski, sailing,wake-boarding, stand up paddling, kayaking, paragliding, hiking, rappeling, trekking, mtb riding, route cycling, motorcylcing, golfing, among others.
  • Valle is known world wide for hosting one of the most important Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary. Monarchs arrive every year in March to reproduce and fly back to Canad

InTown Rodavento
InTown Rodavento 

T. 01-(726) 688-5076  •     Calle 5 de Mayo 111, Santa María Ahuacatlan,   51200, Valle de Bravo, Mexico